Open Range: Triggering memories

Lyndel Meikle

Alexander Deedy

Tim Taft and I were swapping some old stories and I thought I had a pretty decent one, but he outdid me. I’ll tell mine first because his was better and he deserves the final say.

Back in the ‘40s, my dad had just set the charge in a remarkably unproductive lead and silver mine up Telegraph Creek out of Elliston. He emerged from the tunnel to find a bear blocking his way.

This was a classic “between a rock and a hard place” situation, and he yelled down to my mother, “Get the gun!” Mom ran to the cabin but didn’t emerge.

Obviously, seeking refuge in the mine was out of the question, but running past a bear which was likely to be upset by an explosion would probably not be a good solution either.

With no more time to waste, Dad dashed to the end of the ore dump and jumped.

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