Open Range: Living in town not so bad after all

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Seeing wildlife in and around Deer Lodge isn’t unusual. A heron stands in a creek behind the school.

Photo provided LYNDEL MEIKLE

Lyndel Meikle

Alexander Deedy

I am way too greedy!

When I had to move to town, it seemed that all I really wanted was to stay on the ranch.

My “home” included the cattle, the wildlife, the fields meeting the dry hills, and the hills leading straight to the mountains.

There was a constantly evolving herd of barn cats. The changing seasons brought something old and something new every year. Selfishly, I treasured the hours when I had the entire ranch to myself – and the critters, of course.

Then I moved to town. I fought it for a while. The house itself couldn’t have been more welcoming. Built of logs nearly a century ago, it has – for want of better words – an authenticity and character

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