Open Range: Feeling thrifty and satisfied


Lyndel Meikle

Alexander Deedy

My friends will readily confirm that I’m a cheapskate. My attention to clothing is generally limited to comfortable, clean and….well, I guess that’s about all. My truck is pretty old and I have even been known to darn a hole in a sock on occasion.

So, the other day when I was working in the yard and excavated an old brass garden hose nozzle, there was no question that I would either use it or at least pass it on to someone else to use.

An old brass garden hose nozzle, found buried in the yard, restored to working order offers that satisfaction of fixing something instead of tossing it.

Photo provided

As it happened, however, its inner workings didn’t work. It wouldn’t allow any water through it, let alone adjust to different widths and pressures of spray.

Brute force proving unavailing, I reached for a can of penetrating oil. One quick

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