Open Range: Baaack at the ranch it's business as usual save for some sheep

Lyndel Meikle

Alexander Deedy

It was just like old times – except for the sheep.

A friend was going to be short-handed for a few days. In the course of more than 40 years, I had loaded, driven and fed hay from a feed truck hundreds of times. I speak “cow” pretty fluently, from the “buhhhh” of a calf through the low rumble which rises to a high shriek from a bull.

With the single exception of a maddened mother cow, none of our cows ever expressed a desire to jump onto the truck bed.

So, I was pretty confident that helping feed livestock at the school farm over the spring break would be fairly routine.

I hadn’t reckoned on a herd (Oops! Make that “flock”) of lambs who thought a joyride on a trailer was just the thing to liven up an otherwise cold and gloomy day. I have to confess, they looked rather cute (but clueless) as the truck started up. It wasn’t until they realized it was carrying them away from their mothers (who were still in their

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