One of Montana’s Favorite Scenic Drives is Closed for the Season

Thousands of miles of public highways criss-cross Big Sky Country (73,648 to be exact, per Montana Department of Transportation). To put things in perspective, it’s 3,296 miles from Seattle to Miami. You could make that journey over 20 times and it still wouldn’t be the same mileage as driving every road in our state!

Many of our highway miles pass through some of the most beautiful terrains in the country. From the wide-open prairies and coulees of central and eastern Montana to the winding mountain passes in the western half, much of the Treasure State offers fantastic views and photo opportunities from the side of the highway.

Photo: Michael Foth – Townsquare MediaBeartooth Pass is now closed for the season (10/7).

According to a post from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, the pass is now closed effective Thursday, October 7th.

Montana’s 511 Road Report page confirmed the season-ending news.

Image by MDTDriving Beartooth Pass is a summertime tradition for many locals.

Motorcyclists from around the world come to check the pass off their bucket lists and thousands of visitors enjoy the stunning views from the 68-mile All American Highway that runs from Red Lodge to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

A 2013 study from the University of Montana

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