One man stabbed to death in Winnett, suspect shot and injured during fight

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Winnett, Montana

CASEY PAGE/Gazette Staff AJ Etherington

The Petroleum County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a homicide that occurred Thursday in the small town of Winnett about 25 miles east of Grass Range on Highway 200.

Andrew Smith, 29, was behind bars in Musselshell County as of Monday afternoon after he allegedly stabbed Larry G. Patterson, 79, to death Thursday evening, said Sheriff Bill Cassell. The men had been in some sort of fight at an apartment the two lived in that escalated to the extent that it left Patterson dead and Smith shot.

Details were still under investigation and it was unclear who drew or fired the gun that injured Smith. When law enforcement arrived on scene around 7:15 p.m. Patterson was already dead in the courtyard of the apartment complex and Smith was nearby with a gunshot wound in his left bicep. Smith was treated for his injuries before he was taken to jail.

No one else was suspected to be involved in the incident, said the sheriff. Cassell expected

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