One arrest, one citation outside Trump rally in Minneapolis

In a written statement, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo on Friday said “the vast majority of people that gathered were peaceful and respectful,” but officers engaged with individuals who demonstrated “aggressive or illegal behavior.”

According to MPD Public Information Officer John Elder, officers arrested one individual for property damage and issued one citation for disorderly conduct outside the downtown Target Center, where the rally was held. Police and city officials said tens of thousands of combined rally attendees and protesters flooded into downtown Minneapolis for the event.

Approximately 40 police officers form a barricade at the corner of First Avenue and Fifth Street in downtown Minneapolis after President Donald Trump held a rally at the Target Center Thursday, Oct. 10. Protesters demonstrated outside the center for hours as rally attendees exited the building. Sarah Mearhoff / Forum News Service

“Officers worked to ensure people’s First Amendment right to assemble, speak freely and protest,” Arradondo said in Friday’s statement. “MPD appreciates the community support demonstrated by the law-abiding attendees and their partnership to create a peaceful expression of passionate views.”

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According to Arradondo, some protesters

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