On this Thanksgiving Day I am deeply thankful to be an American

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I am an immigrant. Over 30 years ago, I fled Soviet socialist Russia and came to America, fulfilling the dream of my mother, who inspired me since I was a little girl to study hard, learn English and go to America, because this is the best place on earth. I don’t know how she knew. Traveling out of the totalitarian U.S.S.R. was nearly impossible, and she only visited America after I was here.

Today, my sister and I still thank God every day we are here in America. On Thanksgiving Day, we say special prayers. We are thankful for the simple things, most of which many Americans perhaps take for granted.

I am thankful for my home being warm in winter. Growing up in a small town close to Siberia, even though we had heat in the apartment, it was never warm enough. Since the government owned everything under socialism, it has full control of your living conditions. In winter, the authorities kept the heat on in apartments at a bare minimum and in summer, they turned off the hot water and sometimes both hot and cold, to save some rubles so they could

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