On the ground: Prosthetic center tour highlights need for help

Editor’s note: This is the third email the Independent Record has received from Hands On Global Executive Director Valerie Hellermann, of Helena, who is offering aid and comfort to people in Ukraine and is making her third trip to the area since Russia launched a war in February 2022. This email from Hellermann arrived 1:31 p.m. Wednesday. Portions of this report have been edited for clarity.

We visited the Protez prosthetic center.

It is a project with 2 brothers, both Ukrainian, one living in Minnesota the other here in Mukachevo. There are over 15,000 amputees and they need prosthetic limbs to heal.

This organization has brought over 30 to the USA for complex prosthetics . There are over 750 on the waiting list. They can do adjustments of the prosthetics here and are starting to make them here. There were men there doing physical therapy with their new limbs.

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