On the ground: Cruel and inhuman to cut off power and heat to Ukrainians in winter

Valerie Hellermann Hands On Global

Editor’s note: The Independent Record is receiving updates from Hands On Global Director Valerie Hellermann of Helena, who spent nearly a month in March offering aid and comfort to people in Ukraine and has returned to the area to help orphans and victims of violence. Jeanie Warden, a local photographer and videographer who works for Helena Civic Television, is also on the trip. Portions of this report have been edited for clarity.

We are continuing work in the orphanage. Today we were able to get them a generator. They have one but need another for their washing machine. This is huge as there is rolling electricity: Three hours on 3 hours off. Driving after dark you see the impact as the streets are dark and there are police directing traffic with flashlights. Darkened houses, a few have generators. The heat in private homes require electricity. Apartment buildings seem to have some heat.

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It is cold, a bone-chilling damp cold.

We are trying to get our medical supplies to Kyiv. Today there were 10 missile hits there so we are hesitant to go, hoping to find a

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