On the Ground: Bright spots among the misery; headed home

There are some amazing bright spots in all this misery.

One of our translators, Esra Alev, and some of her friends started a Peace Campus after the earthquake. They saw that so many children were in need, living in tents with their families, crying all the time, no school, no home, lost pets.

So 3-4 times a week they gather children from her village in Antakya to play peace games, make art out of recycled things, take walks or go to the river. There is much laughter and camaraderie as the kids play and have a sense of normalcy.

Yesterday we did a medical clinic in a Syrian refugee center run by Syrian refugee women. Amazing, powerful, smart, compassionate women.

Can’t help thinking how right on the idea of supporting women in every culture benefits all.

Hands on Global has been providing medical care for people living in Syrian refugee camps.

Valerie Hellermann, Hands on Global

These women created programs for the handicapped, women’s empowerment, education, craft and vocational skill training, all in a first floor foyer of an old apartment building.

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