On Hakeem Jeffries, media elites look like election-denier deniers

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In the midst of reveling in the “debacle” of Republicans failing to promote House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to Speaker, some leftish media outlets broadcast celebratory stories on House Democrats electing Rep. Hakeem Jeffries their Minority Leader.

On Jan. 4, NPR’s “All Things Considered” did a story on McCarthy failing to win support alongside a story headlined “Looking back at a decade of GOP hard-liners in Congress.” But they also spent almost three minutes touting Jeffries as the first black lawmaker nominated for speaker of the House.

Co-host Juana Summers touted how “Jeffries repeatedly earned the support of every member of his caucus — the first time a Democratic leader has done so since 2007. That’s the year when they elected Nancy Pelosi.” Co-host Mary Louise Kelly added, “The symbolic torch-passing received a standing ovation from Democrats.”

Then came a parade of happy Democrat quotes. From Pete Aguilar, the new House Minority Whip: “A Latino is nominating for leader of this chamber a Black man for the first time in our history … We are unified behind a speaker who is an unapologetic advocate for protecting and expanding our freedoms.”

The Democrats expand your freedoms?

Then NPR

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