On Election Day in November, women will determine control in Washington

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Voters in Ohio headed to the polls this week in the first major primary of the 2022 election season and chose JD Vance. Those Ohioans who turned out on Tuesday probably already knew which box they’d be ticking on the ballot. 

Like many Americans, the number of Ohio residents who consider themselves swing voters has been on a steady decline since 2016. That means that in Ohio and other key states, a shrinking number of voters controls the fate of close elections, the races decided by fractions of a percentage that determine the congressional majority and who sits in the White House. 

Since 2020, women over the age of 50 have increasingly tuned into politics, with the majority of us not interested in voting for generic red or blue politicians. Instead, we want candidates who are serious about tackling the issues that matter. 


Right now, women across the country are weighing their options to determine who they’ll vote for on Election Day, and with midterms fast approaching, both parties should make it a priority to build a platform that makes a case to the most influential

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