Olszewski ‘I’m the Only GOP Candidate who is a Montana Resident’

Republican U.S. House candidate Dr. Al Olzeweski was on KGVO’s Talk Back show on Wednesday, and answered questions from listeners.

Dr. Olszewski is often asked which bill he would sponsor first if elected to Congress, and he always has the same answer.

“What’s the first bill you’re going to carry?” he asked. “I tell people, it’s very simple. If you see a fire, put it out. And the truth is they (the federal government) makes more money when it’s a bigger fire than when it’s a smaller fire. So the incentives in the in the federal law need to be changed so that the incentive is to put it out early, and not wait until it explodes.”

One veteran asked Dr. Olszewski about a surgical procedure that has been denied by Medicare.

“They (Medicare) don’t look at their contract with America as an enduring contract,” he said. “To them, it’s ‘a living and breathing document’ and the bureaucrats change the terms of service. In order for them to pay for illegal immigrants to get health care in all the other states, they’re going to have to take it away from the Medicare population. So as your next Congressman, I’m going to fight with the

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