Ohio’s special election has become a proxy war over abortion rights

| Patrick Orsagos/AP Photo

Millions of dollars are pouring into Ohio for a ballot measure that has become a proxy war for abortion rights.

The measure, known as Issue 1, would raise the threshold for future ballot initiatives — moving the requirement for passage from a simple majority to 60 percent of the vote.

In normal times, such a change would probably not prompt such massive levels of expenditures, nor national attention, especially as it’s being considered in an otherwise sleepy special election.

But these are not normal times. The push to pass Issue 1 is widely seen as an attempt by Republicans in the state to effectively block a separate initiative for abortion rights that is set to be considered this November. As such, it’s prompting a massive arms raise between heavy-hitting groups on each side of the debate.

One Person One Vote raised $14.8 million as part

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