Ohio woman gored, tossed by Yellowstone bison

Billings Gazette

A 25-year-old Ohio woman was gored and tossed 10 feet into the air by a bison near Old Faithful after she approached within 10 feet of the wild animal on Memorial Day.

The National Park Service reported the incident on Tuesday. It is the first case of an injury to a Yellowstone National Park visitor so far this year.

The Grove City woman suffered a puncture wound and other injuries, according to the agency. Two other visitors were within 25 yards of the bison when the woman was gored. Park regulations require visitors to stay 25 yards away from bison.

The animal — some of which can top 2,000 pounds, and stand 6-foot tall at the shoulders — was walking near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin, just north of Old Faithful, when the woman approached.  

Park emergency medical providers responded to the incident immediately and transported the victim via ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.  

Bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal, according to the Park Service. The last was a 30-year-old woman in 2021.

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