Of Course Ron DeSantis Will Run…and He May Very Well Win

When Ron DeSantis is consulting renowned experts about whether or not to run for president in 2024, the man he is most likely to listen to is President Chris Christie. Well, not literally listen. He’ll instead learn from the potential prezzy who ended up presiding in network green rooms instead of the White House because he declined to run when he had his big – well, everything about him is big – chance in 2012. The Gov will also look to the lessons of President Mario Cuomo. These two guys hesitated and missed their window, just like there are some folks – Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit – who never actually had a window at all yet still tried to dive through one and ended up defenestrating themselves.

Remember a decade ago when we had Christiemania, when he was a breath of fresh air blowing away lib pieties after an improbable New Jersey governor win? And instead of striking while the presidential iron was hot, he failed to go for it, and now he will never be president of anything except maybe the International Society to Prevent Cardio. Mario Cuomo similarly blew it in the 80s.

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