NYC progressives fear ‘total failure to coalesce’ around mayoral primary challenge

NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams has said there’s a “coordinated effort” to keep him from a second term. He’s entirely right.

About two dozen progressive organizers, political consultants and nonprofit leaders — united by their desire to defeat the moderate Democratic mayor in 2025 — joined a secretive meeting at a home on Staten Island on July 17.

Cristina Gonzalez, a political organizer, and Janos Marton, an organizer and attorney were the hosts. Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso was the guest of honor. Their goals: Start coordinating a Democratic primary challenge to Adams. And see if Reynoso could be the progressive standard-bearer, running against the incumbent mayor.

Multiple attendees who spoke with POLITICO left with the impression that Reynoso is giving serious thought to it, but is not likely to run.

The New York Times first reported details of the meeting Friday. Reynoso’s political team shared

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