NYC parent rips de Blasio for replacing gifted school program, says it’s ‘nonsense'

A New York parent is fighting back against Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to phase out the Gifted and Talented program at public elementary schools in the city. 

“It’s just nonsense,” FAIR, NYC Chapter Co-Chair Yiatin Chu told “America Reports” Tuesday.

“The New York City gifted and talented program needs improvement and certainly needs to be expanded into all neighborhoods, and many neighborhoods don’t even have one of these programs. But to take it away, especially for families that are depending on the opportunity this year is just really abrupt and destructive.”


Chu comments come as critics of the Gifted and Talented program called it racist because White and Asian students made up the majority of enrollees. 

“We are saying we’re going to train teachers and prepare schools to actually reach you as a child and bring out your gifts and abilities that would have been ignored if you were not accepted into one of those very small, very exclusive, Gifted and Talented programs previously,” de Blasio said Friday on WNYC.

Current students in the program will be able to stay in accelerated-learning classes until completion. But new students in the program will be

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