NY Heat Act flares up


With help from Shawn Ness

NY HEAT rally on stairs of Capitol

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposal to end subsidies for new gas hookups and transition away from natural gas still has a long way to go. | Brynn Fuller-Becker/New Yorkers for Clean Power

Proponents of a measure to limit the expansion of the state’s gas system are elated with Gov. Kathy Hochul backing key components of their bill.

But the proposal to end subsidies for new gas hookups and enable neighborhood-wide transitions off natural gas faces a long road with aggressive opposition from labor unions and the gas industry.

“We have to get off the fracked gas system and do it now,” said Betta Broad, campaign director for New Yorkers for Clean Power during a rally with the Renewable Heat Now coalition. Supporters packing the Million Dollar Staircase chanted “New York HEAT” — the name of the bill — and lawmakers spoke in support of the bill.

Assembly Democratic leadership has not endorsed the measure. Assemblymember Pat Fahy (D-Albany) said recent amendments were meant to alleviate concerns from

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