Nuggets From Helena: The Helena Civic Center then and now

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A 1930s Tinted Postcard of the Algeria Shrine Temple.


History is all around us in Helena, from the murals to the buildings, but if you have lived in Helena for any amount of time, one building may have stood out, and that is the Civic Center. I know when I first moved to town, it intrigued me because of its unique design. I wondered why it wasn’t symmetrical and had so many other questions. In this piece, I am going to go over its history and hopefully address any questions you have ever had about the building.

The Civic Center was built in 1920-21 as the headquarters for the Algeria Shrine. It is a Moorish Revival-style building. Now there is a belief that there were once two minarets, but that is not correct; it is a myth. There has only ever been one minaret, although other parts of the building were damaged in the 1935 earthquakes.

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office

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