Nuggets From Helena: Appreciating a true hidden gem

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Shaw’s Best Factory is a two-story building made of stone that manufactured baking powder and pancake flour.

Photo provided Tom O’Connell

Often when “Nuggets” are written they are about historic structures in Helena that occupy a prominent location in the city and have well documented history. For example, the state Capitol, also described as the Crown Gem by some, is clearly visible from most roads approaching town and it is constantly in the news because of the activities it houses.

The Cathedral of Saint Helena is also easy to see because of its immense size as well as a location sitting at the top of a hill above Last Chance Gulch. The Carroll College campus and the Helena Civic Center are other examples of a place or building that is quite noticeable to even a casual observer.

Sometimes a name, not a building itself, will spur interest in a place. Do you think anyone ever drives or walks up Last Chance Gulch without wondering what the name of the street means

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