NRPLUS Conference Call with Rich Lowry and Senator Marco Rubio

(NRO Illustration: Elijah Smith)

This morning, NR editor in chief Rich Lowry spoke with Senator Marco Rubio (R., Florida) to members of the NRPLUS group on a private conference call. The pair discussed the Iranian attack on a Saudi oil tanker, Venezuela, Republican legislation, and more.

Rich began the call by asking Senator Rubio about the recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, which many have attributed to the Iranians. Rubio said that there is no doubt in his mind – “common sense tells [us] that.” He pointed out that the operation, which involved running a bout out to enormous vessels, blowing a hole in them, and then returning to remove mines that didn’t go off, could not have been done by any other country in the area. However, our intelligence also says it was them, so there really should be zero doubt in anyone’s mind about who. What to do now is fine to debate.

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As for why, Senator Rubio discussed the possibility that the decision was made a while ago, to help give them leverage in future negotiations with powers like the U.S. Simply put, Iran is struggling. They know that

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