Northside ped bridge work won’t entail full rebuild

Bret Anne Serbin

The latest update on the Northside pedestrian bridge revealed the structure has suffered damage from salt that will necessitate significant improvements in the coming months.

The masonry block that makes up much of the bridge will need to be repaired, according to David Selvage, Missoula Parks services and systems superintendent.

Although a total overhaul won’t be necessary, Selvage said the masonry block makes up “a good chunk of the structure.” 

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“The salt impacts are just too great,” he said of the 23-year-old bridge. A 2021 inspection turned up problems with the bridge decking. Further examination exposed the deeper structural flaws.

The lower walls of the bridge are made of concrete, and the team working on the bridge work is currently trying to figure out whether they could support an all-concrete structure in the future. This presents a change in the scope of the bridge work for the city’s engineers, Selvage explained.

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There is no cost estimate or timeline available right now, although Selvage was hopeful construction will start this summer.

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