North Dakota woman accused of causing a rabies scare after bringing wild raccoon to bar

BLAKE NICHOLSON Bismarck Tribune

A Maddock woman accused of causing a rabies scare by bringing a wild raccoon into a local bar says her family is “traumatized” by her arrest and the euthanizing of the animal the family was nursing back to health.

Erin Christensen, 38, said she is hoping to pay for an attorney through a GoFundMe “Justice for Rocky” page that has been set up to help her. She did not specify to the Tribune what she would consider justice.

It’s illegal under North Dakota Board of Animal Health laws to keep a wild raccoon. Law officers allege Christensen brought one into the Maddock Bar on Sept. 6. Authorities don’t believe it came in close contact with any bar patrons, but the incident prompted the state Health and Human Services Department to issue a warning about potential rabies exposure.

The raccoon found by Erin Christensen’s family, which named it Rocky.


Christensen was arrested on Wednesday after officials with the Benson County Sheriff’s Office and the state Game and Fish Department executed search warrants at three residences in and near Maddock, one

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