North Dakota farmers plant a lot less corn and wheat acres, more soybeans this year

North Dakota corn acreage this spring is pegged at 2.4 million, 31.5% lower than the 3.5 million planted in 2019, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service acreage report released Tuesday, June 30. The report is based on surveys of farmers during the first two weeks in June.

The combination of the seemingly never-ending 2019 harvest and unfavorable planting conditions this spring likely discouraged some North Dakota farmers from planting corn this year, said Frayne Olson, NDSU Extension marketing specialist.

In March 2020, 75% of the 2019 corn in North Dakota had not been harvested. On the last day of June, a few 2019 corn fields remain too wet to combine.

Meanwhile, the cold, wet spring of 2020 resulted in delayed planting of this year’s corn crop.

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Farmers didn’t again want to risk planting beyond the optimal time, and ending up with immature corn that they will have to harvest in spring 2021, Olson said

“Farmers said ‘I got burned last year,” he said.

While North Dakota planted fewer acres of corn this spring than last, Minnesota farmers planted more. Minnesota’s 2020 acreage

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