NORQUIST: Manchin And The Democrats Are Making The IRS More Powerful Than Ever. Here’s How

President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats have decided to react to inflation and recession with a new version of BBB that raises taxes and spending. This is how we got into this problem in the first place.

This makes no economic sense. (RELATED: PUCKETT: Biden’s Disastrous Agenda Is The Real Emergency, Not The Climate)

It does make a great deal of political sense.

Start with the spending explosion for the Internal Revenue Service that Biden demanded from the start. That is $80 billion to deploy 87,000 new IRS agents. Enough to fill every seat in Nationals Park twice. Enough to fill the Roman Colosseum 1.7 times.

That’s more new IRS agents than the entire combined personnel of all U.S. aircraft carriers.

The bill also gives taxpayer money to the IRS to buy new cars, and more money for IRS “office rent.”

The official IRS watchdog — the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration — reports that the IRS already has more cars than it needs. And that the IRS cannot show that its employees are limiting their use of those cars to official business.

And why more office space when the IRS has been forced to admit that more than half of its employees never come into an

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