Nonprofit director updates Helena audience on her work in Ukraine

Valerie Hellermann of Helena told members of a grassroots citizens group Thursday that Ukrainians know they don’t have a perfect democracy.

“But it was their democracy and they would fight to keep it…” she said.

Valerie Hellermann of Hands On Global speaks to members of Hometown Helena about her trips to Ukraine.

Phil Drake, Independent Record

The 72-year-old executive director of nonprofit Hands On Global told members of Hometown Helena about her recent trips delivering aid to Ukraine and efforts she and others are making to provide medical supplies and equipment to residents of the war-torn country that has been fighting a Russian invasion for nearly a year.

The fighting has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and maiming of Ukrainian citizens.

Helena-based Hands On Global Inc. provides basic health care, mostly in remote underserved areas and refugee camps. Hellermann has made two trips to the region since the fighting began, spending several weeks there in March and again in December. Several emails from her visits were printed in the Helena Independent Record and posted online.

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