No Will, No Way

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is an old and familiar quotation, often attributed to Albert Einstein, who was on to something almost as significant as E=MC2.

What if there is no will, is there still a way? It doesn’t seem likely.

In Washington, will has come to die to paraphrase Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and now Republican presidential candidate. Rarely is anything significant ever accomplished. That’s because for too many politicians solving a problem means they no longer have an issue with which to bash the other side. At a time when almost no form of behavior is considered a disgrace, the long, drawn-out scenario over the debt ceiling vs. cuts in spending is disgraceful. The debt alone is a disgrace. The battle over it is worse.

Everyone with an intellect lower than Einstein’s knows what should be done. A good accountant could come to Washington and fix everything, but the accountant would not be seeking re-election or in need of contributors and the support of his or her base. If you’ve never seen the movie “Dave,” watch it and see what I mean. The fake president invites his friend to the White House and in one 24-hour period

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