No, Biden hasn't saved the economy

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Most economists and analysts saw the jobs report for December as a disappointment – but not Joe Biden.  

Instead, shortly after the announcement he rushed to the cameras and took a victory lap on the economy.

Biden boasted that no president in recent times has had a better first year in office when it comes to the kitchen table issues affecting Americans wallets. That may have been a jaw-dropper for most Americans given that the latest polls by Scott Rasmussen show Biden’s approval rating on handling the economy underwater at below 30%. 


The president also declared “supply side economics” and Trump’s strategy of deregulation and tax rate cuts a failure compared to his strategy of blitzing the economy with government debt-financed spending. 

Not so fast.  

Biden got one thing right; the job market is strong today with an unemployment rate now below 4% and millions of jobs available as the post-COVID business recovery rolled forward in December. But Biden should be careful when he spikes the football at the three-yard line, because job growth has been rapidly slowing on his watch and could even go negative again at the

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