Nicole Malliotakis to Newsmax: 'National Disgrace' to Fly Black Lives Matter Flag at Embassies

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., told Newsmax on Thursday that it’s “a national disgrace” that the Biden administration is allowing embassies to fly a flag that says Black Lives Matter.

“I’m done trying to get in the heads of our president, or the secretary of state, or anybody in this administration. Who would propose such an idea? It is amazing to me that they thought it was appropriate to fly any flag aside from the American flag over our embassies, but when you look more closely and go to the Black Lives Matter website and see what they actually stand for, see the list of demands they have, they want to completely ban [former President Donald] Trump from ever being in the Oval Office.

“They want to expel members like me,” she continued. “They want to ensure that the 1st Amendment rights taken away from the politicians that they disagree with. They want to defund the police. They accused our United States military of being racist, and the week where we’re honoring the memory of the men and women who lost their lives in battle, who shed but blood for our American flag, our secretary of state and our president [are] saying, ‘let’s fly a flag that is a political flag and actually flies contrary to everything that the United States military stands for.’”

The congresswoman went on to say that her bill would prevent flags bearing messages like Black

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