Nick Petrusha column: Why do you follow Christianity?

Nick Petrusha

There I was, standing at the pier looking out into the Red Sea, talking with some guys fishing.

It was a breezy week night and not much was biting, so we got talking. There were a few minutes of small talk about fishing and where we were from. My new friends were very quick to turn the conversation to the topic of religion.

Knowing I was from the USA, one of them asked me the question, “Why do you follow Christianity?”

This is an incredibly important question for people in many different walks of life. Being able to answer this question is important for the seasoned Christian, one who has been walking with Jesus for a long time. It is important for the person who is searching, knowing there is a God, but not knowing who it is. This is also important for the person who is indifferent toward faith, one who lives life not against the things of God but not pursuing them either.

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