NFL TV Ratings Hit Six-Year High, Regular Season Games Averaged 17.1 Million Viewers

Business was booming for the NFL during the regular season.

According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL has announced that regular season games averaged a staggering 17.1 million viewers, which was a considerable 10% bump over 2020. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Even more impressive for the league, it was the most watched regular season of football since 2015!

The 2021 regular season generated the largest average audiences for the NFL since 2015.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) January 12, 2022

How many times did I say this season that primetime games were getting huge ratings? How many times did I say business booming?

I honestly lost count because it seemed to be happening multiple times a week.

The Packers Beating The Vikings Puts Up Monster TV Ratings. The Numbers Are Proof The NFL Is Winning

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 3, 2022

Pretty much every single primetime game the NFL had this season put up huge numbers, and anyone paying attention knew that was the case.

You had to purposely bury your head in the sand to think otherwise.

The Packers Beating The Bears Puts Up Mind-Boggling TV Ratings

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