New York Hospital to Suspend Baby Deliveries after Staffers Resign over Vaccine Mandate

A doctor wearing a protective mask walks outside Mount Sinai Hospital during the outbreak of the coronavirus in New York City, April 1, 2020. (Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters)

A hospital in upstate New York will temporarily suspend baby deliveries after a group of staffers, several of whom are based in the maternity ward, resigned over the state’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers.

During a press briefing Friday, Lewis County Health System CEO Gerald Cayer said 30 hospital workers quit total, including seven from the maternity unit, WWNY reported. Following their decision to leave, the ward will lack sufficient staffing to conduct operations and will therefore temporarily pause delivering babies after September 24, Cayer added.

He said he would consult the New York Department of Health to prevent the ward from permanently shutting its doors and would aim to replace the absent staff with vaccinated workers who meet the requirement.

“If we can pause the service and now focus on recruiting nurses who are vaccinated, we will be able to reengage in delivering babies here in Lewis County,” Cayer noted.

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