New ward boundaries adopted

Bret Anne Serbin

Residents of some city wards feel unfairly represented by new ward boundaries the Missoula City Council adopted Monday night.

The ward lines were redrawn to account for growth in the city over the past two years, particularly in Ward 2. But the effort to equally spread out the population left some, especially in Ward 6, feeling frustrated.

“I recognize that we have a lot of sideboards that we have to work within that are state-mandated,” said Ward 6 Representative Kristen Jordan. “And I know that it was not an easy job, but I also represent Ward 6 and Ward 6 is kind of tired of not getting the services it needs and also getting piecemealed out for various projects.”

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Ward 6 encapsulates the Franklin to the Fort neighborhood, where residents have complained of a lack of infrastructure like sidewalks.

Councilor Sandra Vasecka, who also represents Ward 6, agreed with Jordan. She too said the changes being put in place in her ward feel piecemeal.

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