New poll shows fewer believers, but don't count God out

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It was Voltaire who said that if God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him. Well, according to a new Gallup poll, that need may arise sooner rather than later. Belief in God among Americans has fallen to its lowest level ever. It is still a robust 81 percent, but the number has fallen six points since just 2017. So is a more atheist nation inevitable? American history suggests not.

Our nation’s past is marked with Great Awakenings, or religious revivals, the first in the mid 18th century, the latest lasting roughly from 1960-1980. While we tend to think of large church gatherings and powerful leaders when looking at the history of these periods, what they did more than anything else was put a spotlight on religion and God in the public square.

By the mid 1980s America had spent decades removing religious symbolism and imagery from public life. This came in a state form with bans on prayer in school, or the Ten Commandments in the courtroom; it also came in corporate form as brands veered away from explicit religious ideas in their ads. They became all Easter Bunny, no

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