New Policy Meant to Decrease Montana Unemployment Benefit Fraud

It is no surprise to anyone when they hear how difficult it is for local businesses to find people willing to work.

Employee shortages are leading to shorter business hours, complete closure days and slower customer service. To add to the frustration, the number of no-shows for scheduled job interviews is going off the charts. With that in mind, the state of Montana is stepping in to try to hold supposed job seekers more accountable.

Governor Greg Gianforte announced a new process for Montana employers to notify the Montana Department of Labor & Industry if an unemployment insurance claimant fails to appear for a scheduled interview.

Employers across the state share a common complaint: applications submitted for open positions, getting a scheduled interview, then skipping out on it. It all adds up to a tremendous and unproductive imposition on employers’ time. A great example given was  restaurants saying they will schedule half a dozen interviews or more on a given day, and have only a single applicant actually show up, if any at all.

Montana’s new process hopes to cut down on wasted time for Montana businesses and ensure unemployment benefit claimants are adhering to program rules. Montana law requires claimants to make an

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