New policy bars sex ed by abortion providers at Missoula schools

Trustees approved a new sex education policy for Missoula County Public Schools that bars any instruction in schools from any organization or group that provides abortions.

The policy was up for a second reading at a board meeting on Tuesday evening and trustees unanimously adopted it without any discussion. No public comment was made at the meeting on the topic.

The addition of the policy came after Gov. Greg Gianforte signed Senate Bill 99 into law, which requires schools to provide parents 48 hours’ notice before introducing instruction related to human sexuality. The 2021 law also allows parents to remove their child from class during those discussions as an excused absence.

The law and new district policy also prohibits any instruction relating to human sexuality “if the person or entity provides abortion services.”

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Prior to SB 99 becoming law, parents in Montana could elect to have their child removed from sexual education instruction. While MCPS hasn’t had a policy related to sex education on the books, the district has previously notified parents about instruction and allowed them to opt their child out.

Since the first reading of the policy in October,

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