New National Drunk Driving Report is Out, Here’s Where Montana Ranks

The latest National Drunk Driving Report has been released, and it reveals that Montanans live in the heart of America’s DUI country. released the study after they took the latest FBI crime statistics, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration DUI fatality statistics, and U.S. Census Bureau data to create a DUI severity score for each state.

According to the latest ranking of states with the “Worst Drunk Driving Problems,” the state of Wyoming had the worst DUI score, but fatalities have declined over the past decade. The Cowboy state also topped this list in 2019, and while it places at the bottom of the “total DUI fatality” list, Wyoming’s low population accounted for the higher DUI rate.

South Dakota ranked as the 2nd worst drunk driving problem, and Montana was the 3rd worst in the United States for DUI’s.

Our region had a clean sweep of the top 4 worst DUI states, as North Dakota was 4th in the ranking.

Zooming out and looking at entire regions, the north-central block of Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas is still the worst part of the U.S. for drunk driving, characterized by high DUI arrest rates and a high number of drunk driving-related deaths relative to their low populations.

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