New mural welcomes visitors to Helena's Sixth Ward

Thom Bridge

A new mural is welcoming folks to Helena’s Sixth Ward neighborhood.

The mural is located on the side of the Pentecost Builders building on Helena Avenue. It reads “Welcome to Helena’s 6th Ward” and features images of the Sleeping Giant, a silhouetted cityscape and a rat, a cultural symbol that has long been embraced by the neighborhood’s residents.

The artist, Madison Ruff, hails from Havre and splits her time between the family’s Hi-Line ranch and Los Angeles, where she works for a mural company.

“A big part of doing these is making something that fits with their environment, not clash with it,” Ruff said.

Ruff says she has heard from many residents walking by, and they all beam with pride for their neighborhood when seeing the work.

On Monday, a group of women having coffee at the Vanilla Bean across the street came over to praise Ruff and photograph the nearly complete mural.

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“We grew up in the Sixth Ward and were so excited when we saw this we had to come over and take a picture,” one of the women said.

The Helena Rotary Club held an open call

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