New Montana university rule bans TikTok on devices, networks

Montana’s Commissioner of Higher Education issued a directive on Tuesday afternoon banning the use of TikTok from state university system devices and networks just one month after the state’s executive branch took similar action.

Through Commissioner Clayton Christian’s directive, the TikTok app and website will no longer be able to be downloaded or accessed on any device or network owned by the Montana University System beginning on Friday. Additionally, any university-administered accounts must be suspended.

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Students don’t seem to be too perturbed by the announcement however, as they can still access the popular social media platform on their personal devices using cellular data or other networks outside of the university.

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“I don’t think it really affects me because I’ll just turn my Wi-Fi off,” said Hadley Craft, a sophomore who is a nursing student with Montana State University taking classes in Missoula. “I think every student will be doing that.”

Craft received an email from MSU about the ban after the directive was released. She tried to browse the app during lunch at the University

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