New Missoula Library Sets Date to Open to the Public

The pandemic has put a lengthy delay in the ability of the new Missoula Public Library to open their doors. Before COVID hit, plans were announced that the new building would celebrate their grand opening early last summer. Now here we are 13 months after that announcement with details on when you’ll actually be able to step foot into the library.

A couple weeks ago, an update from the library said they would finish the last bit of construction and make sure the staff was vaccinated before they would open to the public. And today we got word that the official opening day will be May 3rd. Much of the next month will be spent taking care of the final touches, including moving books that are currently staged for curbside service. One of the many items on the to-do list is to making sure those books get moved to their actual spot before they can open the doors.

When the doors do open, there will still be COVID precautions that will need to be followed including the wearing of masks and capping the number of people in the building at 100. One way they’ll monitor capacity restrictions is to give visitors a wristband

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