New Jersey wants to be the state of disinformation and indoctrinate its students

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The state of New Jersey has launched an initiative to require that all K-12 students be taught “media literacy,” because the government must enlist teachers to fight so-called misinformation.

Let’s take an imaginary look at what the first day of school would look like.

Welcome, class, to “Basic Student News Literacy,” It appears in your schedules as “BS News Lit.” Our wonderful governor, his Eminence Gov. Phil Murphy, ordained that we must instruct all of you in how to think.


We will be telling you in great detail about the biggest news stories of the past several years – Russiagate, the stolen election … in Georgia, the dangers of unapproved social media and the 1619 Project.

First up, turn in your phones. My assistant Igor will be collecting them.

Why do we need your phones? We are going to remove any unapproved apps. Conservative news? Gone. Twitter. Nope. You have to use Mastodon now, where people think the left, I mean right way. Mastodon knows how to shut down crazy talk about two genders or claims about Hunter Biden.

Let’s see what else … Christian apps, can’t have

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