New Democrats will 'get stuff done' on inflation

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Last year, our country was still recovering from the twin COVID-19 economic and public health crises. Today, thanks to science, the resiliency of the American people, and the work of President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats, our economy is rebounding. Kids are in school, millions are vaccinated, and Americans are back at work. However, this growth coupled with lingering pandemic challenges and Putin’s cruel and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine have resulted in global inflation that is hitting Americans hard.  

The Biden administration and Congress have taken steps to address inflation by improving our supply chains, releasing millions of barrels of oil from our strategic reserves, and rebuilding our roads, ports, and bridges. But we can’t stop here, and we won’t. 

The urgent challenge of inflation requires all hands on deck. While the Federal Reserve acts independently to fight inflation through monetary policy, federal policymakers can take key actions to provide relief to Americans and invest in U.S. economic resilience, competitiveness, and innovation.  

New Dems are ready to deliver. 

Solar panels in Ohio. Democrats want solar to be part of the transition to clean energy.


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