NeverTrumpers Followed Their Principles Right Into A Party Poised To Nominate A Socialist

Some of the most famous members of the Never Trump Republican crowd may have painted themselves into a corner. The most famous among them sanctimoniously vowed to vote for a Democrat just to get Trump out of office. But now, Sen. Bernie Sanders is looking like the safest bet to be the Democratic nominee, and the Never Trumpers are weighing a vote for an avowed socialist.

Here are some of the most interesting ways the high-profile former Republicans took the news:

Max Boot:

Conservative commentator Max Boot has vowed to vote for the Democratic nominee for president, even if it turns out to be avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. But he’s asking his friends in the Democratic Party not to nominate the Vermont senator. (CNN./Screenshot).

Max Boot has perhaps gone further than any other Never Trump former-Republican. Arguing he was doing it to preserve his principles, Boot joined the Democratic Party so as to defeat Trump.

Republicans have turned their back on conservative principles to become a cult of personality for an aspiring authoritarian. All voters with a conscience should now turn their back on the Republican Party. My @PostOpinions column:

— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) November 25, 2019

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