Never Underestimate the Power of Greed

It remains true to this day that “money is a root of all kinds of evil” (Paul, writing in 1 Timothy 6:10), which is why greed can corrupt the best of us if we are not careful. And that’s why it shouldn’t surprise us if Big Pharma, along with the abortion industry, has been influenced by greed. Why should they be exempt?

Think of a pastor who plants a church in his city because he loves the people of his community.  He works a full-time job in addition to doing pastoral work. But he does so with joy, putting in 60-70 hours a week. That’s because he’s driven by love rather than by fame or fortune.

Fast forward 20 years when his church has grown to 15,000 people with a budget in the multiplied millions and a personal salary that dwarfs anything he made in the secular world. Unless he remains spiritually vigilant, it’s all too easy for him to become a hireling, tailoring his messages to please the richest in his flock, never wanting to offend or step on toes. Ministry has become a big business.

How much more, then, could secular organizations and companies and industries become corrupted by

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