Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, racist rally apparently planned for Missoula

David Erickson

A white supremacist neo-Nazi gathering is apparently planned in Missoula this Saturday, according to posts on right-wing social media platforms, and it’s caught the attention of elected officials, law enforcement and anti-hate organizations.

Local Jewish leaders are also urging people not to engage with the white supremacists in order to deprive them of the attention they seek.

Miri Cypers, the regional director for the Anti-Defamation League’s Pacific Northwest office, said the organization has been tracking “National Socialist Movement” posts and became aware a few weeks ago about some sort of gathering planned in Missoula for June 18.

“The ADL’s Center on Extremism is a group of experts that tracks and investigates extremist activities on certain platforms,” Cypers explained. “They found out that the National Socialist Movement is planning a specific event in Missoula on June 18, which is coinciding with a ‘white lives matter’ June day of activism.”

The Missoula County commissioners, the office of Missoula mayor John Engen, the Montana Human Rights Network, the Missoula Har Shalom Jewish congregation and the Missoula Police Department are all tracking rumors of the gathering.

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