Need A Job? These Beautiful States Need Workers

A study published Wednesday by WalletHub detailed the states where labor force participation is plummeting, and they are all absolutely stunning places to live.

Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico and Montana rank in the top five states where employers are struggling to hire workers, according to WalletHub. I can somewhat understand why workers might not want to head to Alaska, given how far away it is from mainland America … but that could also be a huge bonus for some people, especially those who don’t like their families and friends.

Similarly, Colorado gets a bad reputation for being a bastion of progressive leftist idiocrasy, but there are many parts of the state that do not jive with that type of stupid. In fact, Colorado Springs, Colorado, was the fourth-most conservative place to live in America in 2015, according to Westword (editors clearly haven’t visited rural North Carolina).

Georgia looks like the English countryside, and you could easily confuse New Mexico for southern Spain. So, it really surprised me to hear there are so many workers required in these places. I was even more surprised to learn that Montana needs so many workers, but the more I thought about it, the more

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