NE Montana Treasure Trail, How'd It Go?

Last week we told you about the Northeast Montana Treasure Trail- 50 miles of garage sales stretching from Plentywood to Culbertson, Montana.

A good road trip combined with some garage sales, I’d imagine folks would travel for this one. Yes they did.

I got an update from Diane Spokli in Plentywood. She was the organizer of this first-ever NE Montana Treasure Trail. She said they had a great turnout.

Diane Spokli: It was fantastic! There was people from all over. Sales were great! People from Bozeman, Butte, Glasgow, peerless, Wolf Point, Scobey, Sidney, Glendive, Williston, Crosby, Tioga, etc. The community was surprised at the response. Everyone had fun and made new friends. Lots of laughs! Everyone is already talking about next year!

You can check out photos from several stops on the Treasure Trail by going to their Facebook page. I also included some photos below. She said there were several pickups with full trailers from as far away as Bozeman buying stuff.

Spokli told us that she first got the idea after attending a similar event in North Dakota, and thought that it would be something that would go over well across the border in Northeastern Montana.

Once again, big thanks to Bonnie Simon with KATQ

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