Navy Surgeon General visits team deployed to Billings Clinic


U.S. Navy Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Bruce Gillingham, visited Billings Clinic Tuesday to meet the Navy members who have been deployed to the hospital for nearly two weeks.  

The 20 Navy members arrived Nov. 11 and are comprised of nurses, respiratory therapists and medical doctors. All have helped in vaccination clinics, viral triage units; the emergency department; the intensive care unit, which has been operating well above capacity for months; monoclonal antibody treatment; and other areas throughout the hospital, said Billings Clinic CEO Dr. Scott Ellner.

“We’re just incredibly pleased with the great effort, the teamwork the collaboration with our health care workforce,” Ellner said. “Thank you for helping Billings Clinic. It’s incredibly meaningful to us right now.”

Ellner emphasized that the Navy team provided a much needed moral boost for exhausted staff.

“It gives (staff) a sense that we’re here for them–that we’re covering them. Our workforce is being challenged right now with the fact that we’re having a shortage in the country with people working in health care,” Ellner said.

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